You have gradient descended to my local minima. My name is Han, a organic home farmer in Silicon Valley with deep interests in gaming, investing, and deep learning. And somehow I landed on the covers of Barron’s Magazine during my investment career. You can also find me trolling on Discord or from time to time.

No, not drinking coffee daily or quitting smoking will not make you rich. And obligatory compliance disclosures: not investment advice, views are my own.

Moar Detailz

I am the founder of Calabazas Creek Advisors, an asset allocation specialist. Previously I was the Portfolio Co-Manager of ★★★★★ Morningstar rated Firsthand Technology Opportunity Fund and a Research Associate at Global Crown Capital. Before joining the dark side, I’ve worked as an engineer at AMD and Ericsson and co-founded a wireless location based directory service startup. I’ve obtained a Masters of Business Administration from San Jose State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California at Berkeley.